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Casual Medtech = future

People taking care of themselves – and being proud of it and wanting to show it to others – is a megatrend. This megatrend is good, it creates a healthier world.

Before our current jobs at Lifeline Ventures, we were set to found a “Casual Medtech” company with Petteri. Now at Lifeline Ventures we are looking for casual medtech teams – among other disruptive technology and service segments –  that we can work with and put our money into.

Casual Medtech is part of the megatrend where people take care of themselves and are proud of it. In technology, we believe that this will be a next big thing. The signs are up already: Nike comes up with Nike Fuelband, Jawbone diverges into a connected health tool, and even the 120-old electronics giant Philips re-brands itself into consumer health technology. Technology bloggers have not been silent either: TechCrunch realizes that mobile and consumer electronics will change healthcare. I wrote about the same topic earlier at ArcticStartup, and do believe that health is a massive opportunity for technology and design entrepreneurs.

Casual medtech is defined as health apps and devices that:

  • focus first on people and outcomes rather than convincing the medical system,
  • people are excited to use and want to be associated with,
  • has medically validated efficacy and scientific proof, and
  • could pass regulatory scrutiny while not necessarily gone throught the process, as it is not essential for the user and commercialization.

Do you agree? Have anything to add?